Chariot RTA - "Black Silk" DLC Limited Edition
Chariot RTA - "Black Silk" DLC Limited Edition
Chariot RTA - "Black Silk" DLC Limited Edition
Chariot RTA - "Black Silk" DLC Limited Edition

Chariot RTA - "Black Silk" DLC Limited Edition

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"Chariot RTA DLC "Black Silk" - Limited Edition"
The Chariot RTA DLC "Black Silk" is a limited version of the high-end rebuildable atomizer from "Arcana Mods" and PIPELINE.
DLC ("Diamond-Like-Carbon") is a very high-quality carbon-based coating. The coating is very resistant and insensitive to scratches.
The Chariot RTA DLC is designed for both MTL and restrictive DL vapers. The particularly small evaporator chamber is extremely flavorful and develops a dense and lukewarm vapor.
The Chariot RTA DLC is delivered with a nano tank kit and a 2ml extension. The tank holds 4.5ml of liquid and can be reduced to 2ml by removing the built-in extension.
Thanks to the non-slip top cap of the Chariot RTA, it can be opened with a twist and the liquid control closed at the same time.

The scope of delivery includes four AFC screws (0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.4mm), which are screwed in under the winding.
The fine adjustment or the air speed can be adjusted in 6 stages via the AFC ring.

The Chariot RTA DLC has a diameter of 23mm, is made of high-quality stainless steel (stainless steel 316L) and comes with both a PSU and a glass tank.
The positive pole is adjustable. A left-hand thread was installed to prevent the positive pole from turning back when screwing the Chariot onto a battery mod.
If you want to extend the positive pole, this is also possible by unscrewing the positive pole, removing the insulator, attaching a second O-ring (included in the spare parts bag) and putting the insulator back on.

This rebuildable atomizer is suitable for advanced MTL vapers.

Note: Please avoid opening the base. If you have to disassemble the base of your Chariot RTA, please pay attention to the correct alignment of the internal "PEEK Silencer" (the air ducts in the direction of the base plate) during assembly and first screw in the positive pole screw before you screw in the two Phillips screws insert.

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